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How to Jailbreak Apple Watch 2024: Step-by-Step Tutorial


Apple products are becoming more common these days, not only because they look expensive or offer a divine experience, but because they are extremely helpful and provide features unavailable to other brands. However, some users, particularly power users, are often interested in jailbreaking their Apple Watches. While not a common practice, jailbreaking an Apple Watch can be a challenging task for beginners.

With that being said, if you also want to jailbreak your Apple Watch, look no further. In this guide, we will show you how to jailbreak an Apple Watch using a simple tool.

How To Jailbreak Apple Watch: Comprehensive Guide

The process of jailbreaking an Apple Watch is lengthy. Therefore, there are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill in order to jailbreak an Apple Watch successfully. However, before you proceed, keep in mind that not all Apple Watches can be jailbroken at this moment. Nonetheless, curious minds are tirelessly working to develop a jailbreak that will be compatible with more models.

Prerequisites to Jailbreak:

  1. An Apple Watch – An Apple Watch that you don’t care for anymore is all you need. Make sure it is not running on the latest WatchOS.
  2. A Macbook or iMac PC – Windows PCs cannot be used to Jailbreak Apple Watch.
  3. A USB Cable to connect the watch to your Macbook.
  4. An Old Apple Watch is running on WatchOS 4 or older. The newer ones don’t work with this method. You cannot Jailbreak any new Apple Watch. The security is just great.

With all this in hand, let’s begin to Jailbreak.

Step 1: Get Your Apple Watch Ready

The first step in jailbreaking your Apple Watch is to get it ready. In this process, you will plug your Apple Watch and let it charge fully. After that, you will perform a factory reset. If you don’t know, here’s how you can factory reset an Apple Watch.

Step 2: Install and Activate Xcode

If you are new to this, you need to learn about Xcode. This is a software that is used to develop applications and software that work on Macbooks and iPhones. Install XCode, and then your Macbook should be ready to run the Exploit. However, if you prefer using only your phone, you can do that also.

Step 3: Jailbreak Apple Watch

If you have done so far, you are ready to proceed ahead. However, you should keep in mind that the Jailbreak will work only for Apple Watch running WatchOS 4.0 or older. If you have a newer watch running an updated OS, there is no way you can jailbreak it. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Connect the Watch with either your iPhone or Macbook.
  2. Factory reset it when connected.
  3. Make a new connection.
  4. Open Xcode on your iPhone or Mac.
  5. Now, get task_for_pid(0) for HSP4 (Host Special Port #4).
  6. Now, run the file from Xcode and let it run.
  7. You will see a message that says Failed to Execute. If not, do the entire thing again.
  8. Now, jelbrekTime is installed on your watch.
  9. Take the Watch in your hand and open the jelbrekTime application.

That’s it. Now, once you open the Application, it will jailbreak your Apple Watch and you can do whatever you wish to do. Before you begin the entire process, you will have to import the entire code from GitHub. Here is the link to it.

Step 4: Verify The Jailbreak

When the above process is complete, it is important that you check whether your Apple Watch is completely jailbroken. If the work is successful, you will be able to see additional settings like Developer Options and many other things. You can also try setting a new wallpaper if that’s what you want. If you are here, that means you know what you are doing, so check for those things you expected with the Jailbreak.

Why Do You Need to Jailbreak Apple Watch?

The world is full of different types of people. Some want to enjoy new features, and some simply want to experiment with new features on their Apple Watch that the non-rooted watch cannot provide.

When you jailbreak your Apple Watch, you open a world of possibilities that include installing outsourced applications, pictures, music, and many other things that are otherwise not possible on an Apple Product.

How to Restore a Jailbroken Apple Watch?

If you are done using a Jailbroken Apple Watch and possibly watch to restore it to the factory condition, it is possible. There are two methods of doing so. Here are they:

  • Uninstall Jailbreak: The first method is to uninstall the Jailbreak application installed on your device. Sometimes, the application cannot be directly uninstalled. In that case, connect your watch to your iPhone or Mac and uninstall the app via Xcode.
  • Factory Reset: The next and final method is to factory reset your Apple Watch. If you do this, all your data will be erased along with the Jailbreak application. This method is also considered safe because the chance of bricking your watch is much less.

How to Jailbreak Apple Watch Ultra 2?

Jailbreaking any new Apple Watch is not possible. All those curious minds and developers who have been trying hard to jailbreak into an Apple Watch is far from reality. The Apple Watch which you can jailbreak and get into, should be running on WatchOS 4 or older. This means the watches that were released in 2015-16 are the only ones you can jailbreak.

The Apple Watch Ultra, for that matter, is built like a tank, and no one so far has been able to get into it. Also, leaving Watch Ultra 2 momentarily, even if we take Watch Series 3, you cannot Jailbreak that. So, if you have a very old Apple Watch, which is simply a showpiece or acts like a rechargeable clock, you can try to Jailbreak it. The newer watches are entirely immune.



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