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6 Ways to Find Whom This Phone Number Registered To


Sometimes you receive a call, and all you have is a phone number and a question in your mind about who called you. Moreover, if the caller demands you for something or threatens you, things might even go South. At that time, it becomes extremely important to find out who a telephone number is registered to.

If you have been looking for a way to know who the caller is and all the info about them then you will find this article helpful. After reading this guide, you will be able to find out who a telephone number is registered to and all the details about them.

Can I Know Who a Telephone Number is Registered to?

As a matter of fact, you cannot get your hands on the official database of a telephone company to accurately know who a telephone number is registered to. For that, you will need to file an official complaint or a search report for a phone number you have received calls or threats from. This will give you every bit of information.

Due to increasing cyber crimes and other internet phishing schemes and types of scams, it is becoming more and more important to know and find out who a telephone number is registered to.

Whatever you are able to find online is partially accurate because these details can be modified by paying a certain amount or creating an ID. As a result, the original owner of the telephone number scamming out there can be masked by simply following this. However, if you don’t wish to file a police complaint or issue a search, you can go though this guide to help yourself.

6 Ways to Find Whom This Phone Number Registered To

How To Know In Whose Name A Mobile Number Is Registered

As of now, there’s no definite way to find out who a telephone number is registered to. While you can certainly find the name of the person, for any other additional data, you will have to pay a fee to unlock other crucial details.

Moreover, depending on the country you live in, it might be illegal to share and expose private date to any common user around the world, so you can understand what problems can arise. Nevertheless, there are still working ways to figure out who a telephone number is registered to.

1. Find the Name by Using TrueCaller

How to Find Out Who a Telephone Number Is Registered To?

Using TrueCaller to find someone’s identity is the most popular way to find out who a telephone number is registered to. As of now, TrueCaller is installed on over 1 Billion devices, and hopefully, the person who called you also has it installed so that they can check your intimate details.

As a result, if you also install TrueCaller, if you don’t already have it, you can find out all the information you need in a matter of seconds. A bonus tip is that if you go with TrueCaller premium, you can also get tons of other details such as email address and their actual address. You can also see whether they have WhatsApp or not.

Visit TrueCaller or Use TrueCaller app

2. Use WhitePages to Get their Address and Other Information

How to Find Out Who a Telephone Number Is Registered To?

If you reside in a country where WhitePages work, you can certainly get their address and much more information with just a click of a button. We figured out that WhitePages has the most extensive database when it comes to searching for a person based on a phone number.

While not all information is freely available, the information you need at the urgency of the moment is certainly available to know whether the calling person was a scammer or real. Also, if you wish to spend money, you can get access to tons of more information that even includes whether the person is married or not and whether he has been convicted. Overall, WhitePages has the most extensive data, but the only problem is that it is not available for all countries.

Visit WhitePages

3. Googling Can Reveal Much Information Such as Social Media

How to Find Out Who a Telephone Number Is Registered To?

Googling is the term we often use to search for something on Google. And the same thing you can do while searching for someone’s phone number and their additional information. Google has tons of information, more than you can even think of.

As a result, if you simply go ahead and search the phone number you received a call or text from, you will get all the information about that number from different search results. Google is the most popular search engine, and it has almost every piece of information if something is up on the web.

For instance, if the phone number was used to create a Facebook or LinkedIn ID, you can easily trace it by doing a search. Also, if that number has been reported sometimes by any other person, the ScamAdvisor search result will highlight that. All in all, you will get each and every piece of information without spending a penny. You only need patience and search skills.

4. Go to WhoCallsMe to Find Information

There’s a website named WhoCallsMe that can be immensely helpful. As the name itself implies, WhoCallsMe identifies the name of the person who called you. You just need to go to the website of WhoCallsMe and enter the phone number. After that, WhoCallsMe will go through its database to bring out the information available about that person.

This web-based application is extremely useful when you need to find out who the telephone number is registered to. However, there’s a slight limitation with this app and that is it cannot find out the address. Also, being an open sourced platform, it is able to fetch generic information like from where the call came from and where does the person live instead of pinpointing their exact location.

Visit WhoCallsMe

5. Pay SearchBug to Fetch Information that’s Available Nowhere

If the call you received somehow sounds frightening or you think it might be a fake emergency call but seems legit, you must get it checked using SearchBug. This website has a proven record of busting any person faking to be someone else, and if you don’t find the information anywhere else, it can be found here.

SearchBug, as the name suggests, is helpful for finding any phone number from which you recently received the call. The tool is extremely handy, and the website also loads pretty quickly, avoiding any delays in communication. The only downside we have faced so far is the ability to track down numbers that are active only in the US. However, on the better side, you can at least see where the call came from without revealing much information.

Visit SearchBug

6. Use SpyDailer to Get Information and Also Call Them


SpyDailer is an excellent application that also offers to the facility to call the person who called you and then ask for his real identity. Moreover, it confirms the name by showing it when you try calling that particular person. The SpyDialer is basically a website that helps you uncover any person or scammer trying to pose himself as someone else.

The website tells you the name of the person pretty accurately and also lets you call them using an unknown number so that the person is forced to reveal their original identity. Out of all the other options, SpyDialer is the only service that lets you call someone without an unknown phone number. This way, you can even mislead that person by claiming someone you are not.

Visit SpyDailer


We all get calls from unknown numbers; while we can activate DND on the number to avoid calls from telemarketers, it cannot block all numbers the unknown numbers. If you want to know who have been calling you, then you can use platforms like TrueCaller, WhitePages, WhoCallsMe, SearchBug, and SpyDialer to do so. The above article discusses all about how you can find out who a number is registered to using these platforms.



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