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How to Fix CTV App Not Working on Smart TV, Roku, FireStick, iPhone, Android


CTV is one of the most watched channels in Canada. However, being one of the most popular doesn’t certainly mean the best. CTV has its own set of problems that, includes the CTV app not working issue. This issue has been disturbing a lot of users recently. As a result, a lot of users are looking for ways to fix CTV app not working issue. If you are one of those frustrated users, you are in the right place. Here’s our guide to help you troubleshoot CTV app and know why it is not working.

Fix CTV App Not Working on Smart TV, Roku, FireStick, iPhone, Android

Why is the CTV App Not Working?

Why won’t the CTV App open? / Why does the CTV App keep crashing? Your CTV app may not work due to several issues. However, the most common is an internet issue.  Further, it is possible that the app has got corrupt or has a corrupt cache in it. Other causes include incorrect login details and expired browser cookies. Moreover, in some cases, the user inserts wrong credentials. Whatever the reason might be, here’s our guide to fix it.

Fix CTV App Not Working on Smart TV, Roku, FireStick, iPhone, Android

If your CTV app not working, follow these fixes carefully to resolve the issue, and your problem will be solved. Also, you can try activating CTV at ctv ca/activate on Apple TV, SmartTV, Roku. We recommend that you go through the fixes in the series they are mentioned.

Restart the App

If CTV app is not working, the first thing you should try is restarting the app. You can either close the app by pressing the back button multiple times or close it any way you want.

Since the CTV app is available on almost every TV platform as well as mobile OS, it is not possible to explain for every device what you have to do. You can figure out how to close the just. Restart the app and then check whether the CTV app is working or not.

Check the Internet Speed

How to Fix CTV App Not Working

CTV is a streaming service. Therefore, the internet requirements must be high. If you wish to stream in HD, you should have at least 2-3 MBps of internet speed. On the other hand, if you wish to stream in Full HD, you must have at least 5 Mbps of internet speed.

As of now, there’s no way you can expect CTV to work if you have a slow mobile internet connection. Although 15 GB of mobile hotspot is enough to keep you running, with CTV streaming, you cannot go with it all day.

Check for CTV Servers

How to Fix CTV App Not Working

Just like every online service, CTV also has its own servers. Often, the servers are unable to handle the load and get down. When servers at CTV are down, you cannot do anything but wait.

In order to know about Server issues, you can check out DownRightNow. If you notice that a lot of users are having the same problem, you can be sure that the problem is on their end and that you are safe. On the other hand, now you have to wait until things get better on their own.

Clear App Cache

Applications collect cache data to serve pages and videos as fast as possible. However, during the collection process, cache objects get corrupt and cause issues like the CTV app not working. As a result, to fix this, you need to clear the app cache of CTV.

While clearing the app cache on Roku TV is not possible, it is fairly easy on other devices. For instance, Android provides direct options to clear App Cache in App Management. On the other hand, on iOS, you can unload the app to clear the cache.

For Fire TV, you can clear the app cache by going to App Settings from the Settings Menu; for Samsung TV, CTV is unavailable. If clearing the app cache doesn’t help, follow up with the next fix.

Reinstall CTV Application

Depending on your device, you need to look out for the reinstallation procedure. However, if you are using Roku TV, you have to remove the channel and then add it.

For other devices, reinstallation is a simple process and easy to get around with. However, once you uninstall CTV app, you need to restart your device and then proceed with the installation again. Don’t uninstall and install simultaneously. If reinstallation doesn’t solve your problem, follow up with the next fix.

Check for Log In Credentials

If you are here, it is probably because the above methods haven’t helped you. If that’s the case, it is possible that you are doing something wrong. The something wrong is in your user credentials.

Please enter the Email ID properly so that you can log in and get access to watch CTV. If you are entering it wrong, make sure that you enter your ID and password correctly. Due to the font interface, it is sometimes easy to get confused between B and 8 since both of them look similar on the login page.

Disable Ad Block

How to Fix CTV App Not Working

This fix is only for PC and Android users. Since a lot of users nowadays use Adblockers to get rid of pesky ads, you need to disable that.

CTV is an exclusive ad-supported platform. If you don’t see ads, CTV won’t earn a dime, and then what’s the benefit of providing content free of cost when you cannot even earn a penny? Well, this stands true in the case of everyone and especially CTV.

Therefore, if you are using any adblocker on your browser, disable that so that you can easily enjoy CTV. In the case of an Android phone, you need to set your DNS server to automatic. Recently, a lot of users have been downloading Adblockers for Android devices that are pausing ads. Disable that as well, and CTV will start working normally.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix if the CTV app is not working. We hope this guide has helped you. Even after following these fixes, if your issue is not resolved, you can contact CTV at help@ctv.ca, and they will do the rest for you. For any other doubts, make sure to comment below.



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