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How to Activate PeacockTV.com on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV (2024)


It wasn’t long ago that Netflix and Hulu controlled the video streaming market but now established media giants are catching up. It was Disney that launched Disney Plus first, followed by Warner Bros. and HBO Max. There is also Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus on the list. In 2020, NBCUniversal (a Comcast company) announced Peacock, its streaming service.

Is Peacock a good value for customers? What makes it different from other video streaming services on the market? Is it worth subscribing to? You can read on for all the details you need to start with activating peacocktv.com/tv.

What Actually is Peacock TV?

In the US, Peacock provides online video streaming services for NBC TV programs. It is owned by NBC Universal. Go to Peacocktv.com/tv activation to activate Peacock on TV. You can receive the activation code for the Peacock TV at Peacocktv.com/tv activation. Users mostly watch NBC shows and series at Peacocktv.com. On July 15, 2020, the Peacock streaming service became live. 

How to Activate PeacockTV.com/TV on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV (2022)

How to Enter The Code to Activate Peacock on TV?

If you have a SmartTV and want to activate the Peacock TV on your TV using the Peacocktv.com/tv

  • First, go to Peacocktv.com/tv activation.
  • You can then download, install, and launch the Peacock TV App.
  • Once you’ve launched the application, sign in.
  • Log in to Peacocktv.com/tv and look for the activation code.
  • To activate Peacock TV, return to the activation page at Peacocktv.com/tv and enter the activation code.
  • On your TV, you can now access the Peacock content.

Peacock tv.com/tv Activate on Roku 

How to Activate Peacocktv.com/tv on Roku?

Here are the instructions for activating Peacock TV on a Roku device:

  1. To add Peacock TV Com, go to the Roku Channel Store and select “Add Channel.”
  2. The next step is to launch the Peacock TV Channel on your Roku.
  3. Using your Roku device login information, sign into Peacock TV.
  4. Now, navigate to peacocktv.com/activate.
  5. You’ll need to enter a code on display to activate the device.
  6. In order to access Peacock TV on a Roku device, you have to enter the activation code.
  7. Now that you have entered the activation code, you can watch NCB shows on Peacock TV.

Activating Peacock TV on Fire TV:

Activating Peacock TV on Fire TV

Do you have a fire TV and wish to activate the Peacocktv on it? Well, it’s very simple to do that; you just have to perform these simple steps:

  1. Using the Fire TV remote, press the Home button and select Find.
  2. Select Peacock TV from the Search menu, then click on Download after selecting its icon.
  3. Once the application is launched, login with your account. Thereafter, on the screen, an activation code will appear.
  4. You must enter the activation code at peacocktv.com/tv using the default browser on your mobile device.
  5. Now you can watch Peacock TV on your Fire TV.

Peacock TV Activate on Apple TV:

Activating Peacock TV on Apple TV

Activating the Peacock TV on your Apple TV isn’t going to be tough, as the steps are pretty similar to the other devices. So, let’s check out the steps:

  • In the App Store of your Apple TV, search for Peacock TV.
  • Use your Apple TV remote control to install Peacock. Then click the Install button.
  • Log in to the Peacock TV app using your existing account (or create a new account if you do not have one).
  • On your Apple TV, an activation code will appear.
  • To redeem the code, visit peacocktv.com/tv in your web browser.
  • Next, click next.
  • That’s it. Now, enjoy the Peacock TV content.

Point To Think About 

  1. In order to activate your device, both your computer and your device must be online at the same time.
  2. Using the mobile version of Peacock requires the installation of the Peacock app on your smartphone. For the app to be downloaded, you must have an internet connection. Peacocktv app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play store.
  3. For all other devices, open the appropriate app stores. Use the search bar to find the Peacock app or the Peacock TV app. All you have to do is install it on your device and follow the instructions above to activate it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do If Peacock Won’t Let You Log in?

It is rare to experience trouble logging into your Peacock account due to anything other than a few common issues.

  1. You are either using the wrong email address or password.
  2. Verify that your email address when signing up for a Peacock account is still active.
  3. Your household has a cable TV subscription, but your accounts have not been connected. If you have Cox, Xfinity, or Spectrum as a client, you need to link your Peacock account with your cable TV service.
  4. You can sign in at PeacockTV.com/account. In order to link your Peacock account to the cable TV provider’s account, you will be prompted to enter the cable TV provider’s login information, and then you will be prompted to link your Peacock account to the cable TV provider’s account.
  5. There is a problem with your Peacock password. If you forget it, you may need to reset your password; select I don’t know my password on the Peacock sign-in page. You can reset your password by entering your email address.
  6. There is no way you can find the email address associated with your Peacock account. For your account inquiries and information about the newest television shows and movies, check your Peacock email account. Your spam folder deleted email and inbox are also possible places to look for Peacock’s welcome email.

What Are The Compatible Devices to Run Peacock TV?

You can find below all devices. It is supported on:

  1. Xfinity
  2. Contour Set-top boxes
  3. Chromecast
  4. Roku
  5. Xbox
  6. Mozilla Firefox
  7. Microsoft Edge or MS Edge
  8. Safari
  9. DuckduckGo
  10. PS4
  11. Chrome
  12. Android
  13. iPhone
  14. Apple TV
  15. Android TV
  16. Smart TVs (LG, Samsung, etc.)
  17. Nvidia Shield TVs
  18. Mi Box and other android TV boxes
  19. Fire TV
  20. FirePhone

Can We Cancel a Direct Peacock Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on Peacocktv.com by following these steps:

  • Visit the Plans & Payment section of your account.
  • Next, click on the change plan button.
  • You can switch to Peacock Free at the end of your billing cycle if you don’t want to pay any more for your plan.
  • In addition to getting a confirmation on your screen, you will also receive an email confirmation (by email, it may take 2-3 hours or even longer).

From Author’s Desk

So, that’s how you can activate PeacockTV using peacocktv.com/tv. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. We hope you find it useful. For further info, comment below and let us know. 


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