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Fix iPhone Wallpaper Turns Black on iOS 17


Unlike Android devices, iPhones get regular software updates. Although most of these upgrades bring new and exciting features, some break the OS and shatter the emotions of millions of fans. Some undisclosed users highlighted one such case, saying that the wallpaper turns black after updating to iOS 17.

Precisely, the wallpaper here is the background image where the icons appear, not the lock screen wallpaper. Some users have also reported issues where only the date and time are displayed, and even the lock screen is blacked out. So, what does apple has to say about it? How do we fix it? We will discuss this issue in detail in this guide.

Wallpaper Turns Black on iPhone in iOS 17

Wallpaper Turns Black on iPhone in iOS 16

As seen in this Apple discussion thread, users are displaying concerns regarding their beloved iPhones. They ask why does their iPhone screen turn black after updating to iOS 17. Not only does the wallpaper, but even the lock screen turns black for some users.

Needless to say, since the issue is from Apple’s side, they take such type of concerns very seriously. They were quick to react to this and said another upcoming update will fix the issue. And as promised, the update iOS 17.2 really fixed the issue for almost everyone. Nonetheless, if you are still facing the issue, keep reading.

How to Fix Wallpaper Turns Black on iPhone in iOS 17?

Fix iPhone Wallpaper Turns Black on iOS 16

If your iPhone is still showing a black wallpaper, press and hold the power button until the power slider appears. Turn off your device and wait for 1 minute. Now turn on your device and check the wallpaper. You can also try changing the wallpaper. For some users, changing the wallpaper did the trick.

If you are using an iCloud wallpaper, change it to a static one from your storage or download some Stranger Things wallpaper to check whether the issue is from iCloud.

Other than that, Apple recently released iOS 16.0.3, which has fixed the wallpaper turns black bug for almost every iPhone. If you haven’t updated your device, connect to a WiFi network and quickly update it to get rid of all issues.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about wallpaper turns black on iPhone after updating to iOS 17. We hope this guide has helped you. If your issue isn’t solved, wait for Apple until they release a proper hot patch to the update. In any case, you are welcome to comment down below and let us know which version of iOS you are running.



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